Happy weekend! Have fun, be safe, enjoy!

– Do you need/want some new oxfords/loafers? Because we can help! (As a related FYI, J.Crew is having a big-ass 40% off sale right now in case you need to stock up. That’s an affiliate link!)

– This is a chilling and really well-reported piece at NY Mag: “The Murders Down the Hall: 393 Powell Street was a peaceful home until residents started dying in brutal, mysterious ways.”

– So good: Laurie Colwin’s Recipe for Being Yourself in the Kitchen. (I love Laurie Colwin’s writing.) [The New Yorker]

– I can’t wait for the gift guide to share this: These Custom 3D Cheese Carvings Might Just Be the Best Holiday Gift Ever [Apartment Therapy]

– Really interesting: What does reality TV owe Black women? [Washington Post]

– This was a good read: The Oft-Delayed Megastar Breakthrough of Ana de Armas [Pajiba]

NEW ADELE thank god I needed something to cry to in the car again! [Lainey]

– Related, I laughed: Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is a Song About Her Poltergeist [Vulture]

– Relevant to our interests: The Story of Bennifer, As Told by the Paparazzi Who Chase Them [Vulture]

– Apparently Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are still going strong! I kind of forgot that was happening. [Lainey]

– In other celeb romance news: Angelina Jolie & Jonny Lee Miller went to dinner last night in Beverly Hills. Call me when she gets back together with Billy Bob! [Celebitchy]

– At the New York Times: For the (Renewed) Love of Vintage Dressing

– Let’s dive right into SPOOKY SEASON: Haunted Houses Have Nothing on Lighthouses [Atlas Obscura]

– Always love a good list! At InStyle: The 50 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2021

– A fascinating story about how a lost guitar was found using facial recognition. [CBC]

– This is fun: Everybody’s Eating Like It’s the ’90s Again [Eater]