I looked up this film to see what it’s about — it’s called My Son and it was originally French, so I assumed it was tragic, but, while it might be tragic, the Variety info was very interesting:

McAvoy will portray a man whose only son goes missing, leading to him travel to the town where his ex-wife (Foy) lives in search of answers. To play a man whose life is clouded by mystery, McAvoy will not be given a script or dialogue, so his character will only be aware of basic aspects of his story, and he will have to improvise and react to each moment as it unfolds. The rest of the cast and crew will be aware of the scenes.

That actually sounds like a fascinating and original way to do this, and I admit to being intrigued. Also, I assume Claire Foy made him improvise Buddy Cop Joy for that opening photo — to which I say, please bring us more photos where Claire Foy and James McAvoy act like they’re in the opening credits of an 80s TV show.

If you need to see their looks in a more straightforward fashion:

Reasonable! I’d let these two talk me into improving mostly anything.

[Photos by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images]