Introducing, Selma Blair, a frank documentary about Selma’s MS diagnosis and subsequent treatments, is getting great reviews (although I want to know why they jammed a comma in the title; I don’t think it needs anything there at all. If they wanted to try and insert a breath, as if one were actually on-stage introducing her, why not an ellipsis? Here, I shall cede the floor to our grammarian readers). I’m so happy for her, because I cannot imagine it was easy to commit much of this to film. The one ding I read was that the movie focuses on her current situation and doesn’t actually delve as much into the life and career that preceded it (an actual introduction). Maybe she can pair it up with a written memoir. I would read the hell out of that.

Just for fun, because I never remember to do this, we ran a fugtrospective on her during the pandemic. I haven’t updated it since that day in June 202o, but it’s still a fun, long, and winding trip down memory lane:

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