Hello, friends! We’ve made it to another weekend. I hope yours is glorious, and a very happy Hanukkah to those of you celebrating!

While we’re here — are you holiday shopping? Our gift guide came out this week!

Also: Fug Nation shared all the charities it’s supporting these holiday season, and throughout the year.

YAY, it’s the annual NPR Book Concierge!

At The Washington Post, Robin Givhan asks: Is Edward Enninful the next Anna Wintour?

I found this interview with Amanda Bynes, who seems to be doing really well, very worthwhile. I cannot express to you how brilliant I think she is in She’s The Man and I mean that with complete sincerity. She is great in that movie, and she also basically insisted on them casting Channing Tatum (who is also great in it), so thank you, Amanda Bynes! May you prosper and be well. [Paper]

Vulture rounds up: The 100 Scares That Shaped Horror From Frankenstein to Freddy, the movie moments that formed the genre (and our nightmares)

At Lainey: IT’S MICHAEL B JORDAN PLAYING WITH PUPPIES. Yes, all caps are required for this.

This is good, at Time: Victoria’s Secret Created an Impossible Ideal of Sexy. Now It’s Struggling to Stay Relevant.  A taste: “…the company is doing a lot of things right. People who have worked at Victoria’s Secret cite generous salaries, a high proportion of women in leadership positions, and a talented workforce as perks. But to get all that, the former art-department employee said, you have to ‘swallow this really big pill’: the brand’s unapologetic objectification of women.”

Also at Lainey: I really enjoyed this Cameron Diaz Gossip Nostalgia. I miss Cammy D. (I also miss the boom years of celebrity gossip.)

The New York Times’s take on the death of Glamour (the magazine, not the concept) is worth your time. To wit: “So isn’t it about time we started thinking about planning the transitions better? Not just in terms of how they are spun in the media, or handled in-house, but how they are marked for posterity. If we’re going to say farewell to all that, why not say it with feeling? Pay homage to a past that meant something to the women who paid for it, while acknowledging it was time to move into the future? The two are not mutually exclusive, though we tend to treat them that way.” (We also wrote about this when we featured Glamour’s last cover.)

Also at the NYT, this piece about the little boy ballerinas of The Nutcracker is going to warm your cold heart.

ALSO ALSO at the NYT: The Annals of Flannel. 

I enjoyed this round-up of 24-hour college hang-out joints across America, at The Atlantic.

Amazing, at Deadspin: Rainbow-Cake Recipe Inspires Comment Apocalypse (Note: This is an old one, from about 2014, but you know how these things come around again and get re-circulated and I only just saw it on Twitter; commenting hysteria is evergreen.)

At Pajiba, here’s some news about something I didn’t remember was happening, yet about which I am suddenly very interested: Zac Efron as Adorably Scruffy … Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ (Just as a note: This is their headline, but they are not actually calling Ted Bundy adorable.)

This is from September, but somehow it just floated in front of my face and it’s super interesting, at New Scientist: Did you know the Incas wrote IN KNOTS? History is neat!!

At The Mary Sue: Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale Sequel, The Testaments, Will Take Us Back to Gilead. I’m not sure how I feel about this.