Well! A lot happened this week and we are here to — as ever — round it all up. In case you missed it earlier, we talked about the whole Brothers Wales House Moving Dust-Up Drama when Wills and Kate went to Leicester for an engagement, but FEEL FREE to continue to hold forth about that here if you like. (I will say that the comments on that post are super interesting and well-worth your time, if you didn’t get to them earlier in the week.)

Elsewhere of potential interest:

I, too, doubt that Intern George is going to be a godparent to Baby Sussex, as is rumored. But if he is, he better show up for that baby more than he’s shown up for work! [Celebitchy]

Related, at US Weekly: Is Duchess Meghan Having Twins? Bookies Stop Taking Bets After Sudden Surge. (I’ll believe it when I see it. Or, rather, them, I guess.)

People’s headline for this piece is probably accurate but it’s also so generic that it made me laugh: Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Are ‘Not the Best of Friends’ but ‘Got On’ Last Christmas. As I said in the piece here at GFY that I linked up top: I’m sure this is true! They still barely know each other, truly. I imagine they’re totally cordial, and even if they don’t like each other, both of them are smart enough to just smile and nod! (I do not doubt that the boys are screeching bloody murder at each other right now, possibly, but I also imagine Kate and Meghan both just doing the Homer Simpson Retreats Into a Bush move when that starts.)

Speaking of Christmas, I enjoyed this at Elle: Kate Middleton Once Gave Prince Harry a Brutal Joke Gift for Christmas Before He Met Meghan Markle. 

THIS headline at the Guardian made me laugh though: Meghan: saviour of the royal family – or the ghost of Wallis Simpson? (Don’t worry, the post is satire! DON’T GET MAD ABOUT THE HEADLINE WITHOUT CLICKING THROUGH.)

Kate gave a sweet update about the kids this week. Though, obviously, it’s not like she’s going to be all, “JESUS CHRIST, they’re absolute TERRORS right now. Christmas is going to be a NIGHTMARE!” I read recently that she and Wills are always slightly behind schedule because she’s so chatty and you can kind of tell in this video. [Town and Country]

At Harper’s Bazaar:  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Frogmore Cottage Renovations Sound Expensive. Oooooh, bring me all that Royal Renovations Logistical Content, please!

OMG STOLEN JEWELS! At Vanity Fair: Royal Tiara Heist Has British Police Stumped. Someone call Princess Anne.

Hello! reports on Kate’s new Private Secretary. LOGISTICS!

Carole Middleton gave her first-ever interview, to The Telegraph, and she is so on top of things.

And, on social media:

Euj is looking great! (And stepping up her workload.)

These two are planning out their 2019:

This is a good dress:

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For at ære indsatser inden for kultur og socialt arbejde har Deres Kongelige Højheder Kronprinsen og Kronprinsessen netop uddelt Kronprinsparrets Priser 2018. ▪️ Fundamentet i Aarhus modtager Kronprinsparrets Sociale Stjernedryspris for deres engagerede indsats for udsatte. De modtager blandt andet prisen for deres evne til at skabe trygge og tillidsfulde rammer for alle, og fordi de insisterer på at tage udgangspunkt i det enkelte menneske. Organisationen arbejder blandt andet med problematikker som ensomhed, angst, gæld, misbrug og sorg. ▪️ Filminstruktør Annika Berg modtager Kronprinsparrets Kulturelle Stjernedryspris for sine visuelle filmperler, der rummer masser af farve, kraft og kant. Hun modtager blandt andet prisen, fordi hun viser, at ungdomsfilmen stadig er relevant, når bare den skabes på de unges præmisser, og fordi hun bringer ny energi til dansk film med sine værker. Annika Berg er uddannet fra den Danske Filmskole i 2015. ▪️ Kronprinsparrets Sociale Pris 2018 tilfaldt Foreningen Grønlandske Børn, der har eksisteret siden 1924. Tidligere behandlede de tuberkuloseramte børn. I dag arbejder de for, at grønlandske børn kan få en tryg barndom, at de får en uddannelse og at de bliver hørt. Foreningens arbejde er målrettet grønlandske børn og unge i både Grønland og Danmark. I Grønland har de blandt andet udviklet en børnebisidderordning, som skal sikre, at børnenes stemme bliver hørt i socialsager, der vedrører dem. Med prisen fulgte 500.000 kr. ▪️ Det blev forfatter Kim Leine, der modtog Kronprinsparrets Kulturpris 2018. Forfatter Kim Leine debuterede i 2007 med erindringsromanen Kalak – en rå skildring af en danskers tilværelse og nedtur i det moderne Grønland, hvor flere af hans romaner foregår. Således handler både Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden (2012) og hans seneste roman Rød mand/sort mand (2018) om de første danske missionærer i Grønland.

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Mary also went to Kenya this week. Google Translate tells me the following: “For two days, H.K.H. The Crown Princess has been in the East African country of Kenya. Here, her Royal Highness has visited a number of projects and organizations that work to improve the rights of girls and women. During the visit to the northern part of Kenya, the Crown Princess met the organization Northern Rangland Trust (NRT), supported by DANIDA, and working to strengthen women in poor patriarchal nomad societies. They do so by involving girls and women in the operation of the wildlife reserves. The work has resulted in more girls having access to education and fewer girls have been circumcised and included in childbirths. During the trip, the Crown Princess was accompanied by Ulla Tørnæ, Minister for Development.” I am not sure what’s happening here, specifically, however:

There are lots of pics from her trip on their Instagram.

Wills has been investing many people this week:

Anne is on the case in Chile:

Obvs, Edward is playing tennis in a costume somewhere:


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