First off, a housekeeping note: It is Martin Luther King Day on Monday here in the United States (as well as President Obama’s Inauguration — I can only wait with bated breath to find out how Madame Tussauds London thinks we plan to celebrate), so although we will be posting on Monday, it will be on a more relaxed schedule than usual. We will, however, be back to our usual on Tuesday, January 22. Until then:

– Buzzfeed asks, “How well do you know Clueless?”  18 out of 22.  We have the most obscure Clueless joke in Spoiled, I really should have done better. (Buzzfeed)

I love Michael J Fox for noting that he does not want his son to date Taylor Swift, for fear of her writing a song called “Sam, You Piece of Shit.” (Vulture)

– This Vogue spread, ostensibly praising Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, is one of the most tone-deaf and ridiculous things they have ever done. (The Cut)

– That being said, I KNOW you want to read this history of sequins. (Threaded)

– And you definitely want to read this profile of the wonderful Jackie Collins (whose new book we are actually giving away next week). She is just the best. (Out)

– Cosmo had a psychiatrist evaluate Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes acceptance speeches. (Cosmo)

– This news story, about a recent attack on the director of the Bolshoi Ballet that may have left him partially blind, is both fascinating and awful. (New York Times)

– I totally agree that SOMETHING has changed with Lea Michele lately. She seems way happier. (Lainey)

– The Cheesecake Factory serves a pasta dish that has OVER 3000 CALORIES. It sounds good. (Time)

– Vulture has polled film critics to determine the worst movie of 2012. (Vulture)

Bradley Cooper’s current hair IS because he’s making a movie, and he claims he had to get a perm for it. He’s very jovial about it and the whole thing cracks me up. I am back on the Bradley Cooper bandwagon, ever since someone asked him if he was dating Jennifer Lawrence and his entire response was basically, “I am WAY TOO OLD FOR HER, you disgusting perv.” (Celebitchy)