I can’t believe summer is almost over. I haven’t even made it to the beach yet. Do you think salt water would be bad for my laptop? While I wonder this, please enjoy the following:

– PROGRAMMING NOTE: The VMAs are this SUNDAY. You can find us on Twitter, and of course complete coverage here on Monday. THEN, The Emmys are on MONDAY NIGHT (because of a scheduling conflict with both football and the VMAs). We are going to be live-blogging for The Cut, and I’ll throw up the link when we have it, as well as on Twitter, and of course, major coverage here next week as well. There! All caught up.

– ALSO: We have a working mobile site once more (YAY) and an improved slideshow function, where the whole page no longer reloads every time you go to a new slide. Y’all have only wanted that FOREVER and it has finally happened. To go from slide to slide, just mouse over the left or right edge of the photo; an arrow will appear. We may still be working out some photo-cropping kinks, but beyond that, we hope it makes things much swifter for you. Please let us know if you run into any other weirdo problems with any of it.

— ALSO ALSO: ICYMI, we took a look back at the 2004 VMAs, and at the 2004 Emmys, and in case you forgot: 2004 WAS HIDEOUS.

NPR did a great piece about JUNK DRAWERS. I have like four junk drawers. I think that means I am a hoarder.

– This is a couple of weeks old, but still SO good. The Awl talked to — well, let me just quote them: “Peter Mendelsund is associate art director of Alfred A. Knopf Books, which makes him perhaps the preeminent expert among those who judge books by their covers. He’s designed covers for everything from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to classics by Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Joyce, and De Beauvoir.”

– Speaking of books, let’s look at all these beautiful libraries. (Travel and Leisure)

– Racked was nice enough to do an interview with me and Heather about the site, and how great y’all are, and all that good stuff.

– Anna Wintour did the Ice Bucket Challenge. YES, The Bob gets it. It’s really pretty great. (Vogue’s Facebook.)

So is Benedict Cumberbatch’s. It starts off slow STICK WITH IT. (YouTube)

Paper examines the reclamation of pink. (The color, not the singer.)

Sounds like Mariah and Nick Cannon really are OVER. Who gets his Bedazzled loafers?! Also, I think we can all agree that this marriage lasted longer than anticipated. (Lainey)

– Here’s the one where I just leave you the headline: World War II’s sensational venereal disease posters. (Paris Review)

– The Hairpin ranks best friends in rom-coms and whilst I might not agree with all of them, number one is ON POINT. You’re right, The Hairpin. You’re right. I know you’re right.

– Lucky wonders: Our Favorite Brands Of Decades Past: Where Are They Now?

– Oh, Vulture. You make me laugh: Great Moments in Dystopian Knitwear.

– Also from our friends at Vulture: Ranking the Top 15 Most Successful ANTM Contestants.

– I love the Top Shelf series over at Into The Gloss and I love J Crew, so of course I was very excited to read the Jenna Lyons Top Shelf this week! “I approach aging with ice cream and a martini.” Amen to that.

– From Jezebel: Every Outfit Shelley Long Wears in Troop Beverly Hills, Ranked.

How freaking great is it that Sports Illustrated has put an 8th grade girl on the cover this week? Mo’ne Davis rocks. (Celebitchy)

– This is awesome: Inside Papa Pope’s Most Memorable “Scandal” Monologues With Joe Morton. (Buzzfeed)

– This post is just an excuse for endless gifs of Jon Hamm making faces and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE. (Pajiba)