In case our look back at the 2004 VMAs did not remind you, 2004 was a time of GREAT HIDEOUSNESS. This was also an Emmy Awards that proved that one may never know where one’s next romantic interest will lie, but if you are a celebrity, he or she probably went to the Emmys with you ten years ago: Ellen Degeneres was there with her girlfriend at the time (Alexandra Hedison, who is now married to Jodie Foster), while Anne Heche was there with the dude she met whilst on tour WITH Ellen, and Portia de Rossi was likewise in the house, meaning that Ellen was in a veritable sandwich of past and future love interests; Amber Tamblyn was there, as was David Cross, and of course they are now married; Brad and Jen were there together RIGHT before their break-up and BOY can you tell from their body language; and then, of course, there was the great love affair that was Courtney Peldon and Jason Davis. Also: COURTNEY PELDON AND JASON DAVIS WERE INVITED TO THE EMMYS. Finally, this event brought with it one of the most naked displays in the history of this website. ENJOY.

[Photos: INF, Getty]