This photo amuses me, and it’s not because of the Vulcan greeting being universally dispensed.

I look at it, and it’s a collection of men who all have seemingly different ideas about how to button your shirt under a jacket. Zachary Quinto over there has gone FULL button, and looks like the prime suspect in an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Simon Pegg and Justin Lin are both one button down, but with different amounts of nape showing, and Chris Pine looks to have undone at least two. It is a buffet of fastening choices. Also, don’t accept any drinks Quinto gives you, and/or let him drive any pleasure craft. It may lead to your doom.

Zoe here is in Alexander McQueen, and I think she looks surprisingly great in it, despite it also being bonkers. It’s like Laura Ashley meets the rodeo meets a Pretty in Pink sequel, Beauty in Blue, in which no adult authority figure has learned to confiscate the sewing machine from the crazed high-school seamstress who is unqualified to use one. It’s weird. Cheerfully, hilariously weird, but weird nonetheless. Also, I implore you, for the LOVE OF GOD, do not tell Quinto that you have an enamel-handled ladies’ pistol tucked into your garter, or where you keep it back in your state room, or that you’ve always dreamed of dying at sea. Just take my word for it.

[Photos: Getty]