This is a request from a Fug National who’s off to London and Paris on a trip (I AM JEALOUS) and would like to know what kind of goodies she should look for there, which she can’t get stateside. It’s been my experience that most stuff that’s readily available in Europe and the UK, you can probably dig up on Amazon if you want to pay for it/jump through some hoops to get it (like, I have a weird obsession with this deodorant that I bought in London because I forgot mine and I love it and ONLY want to use it forever more). But it’s more fun to buy lip balms and miceller waters and hand lotions and candies and weird-flavored potato chips whilst on vacation, and I vote that we enable this for everyone.

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I bought that while we were in London after like three years of stalking it online. I REGRET NOTHING. Also I need a bigger carry-on so…it was, uh, totally necessary? ANYWAY. Please feel free to share the goodies you like to buy on vacation — it certainly doesn’t need to be overseas or a fancy trip, either; I like to buy a Fancy and/or Ridiculous Pen everywhere I go — or what you ask people to bring back to you from visits to various places, what you should DEFINITELY NOT get on vacation, and, in general, your favorite travel bring-homes. Obviously, any related hilariously disastrous stories are also welcome, like if you once got thrown in customs jail because your suitcase was full of cheese or whatever.