Honestly, this is picky, especially fresh off the horrors of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s genre-exploding skirtaloons.

I very nearly gave this a full thumbs-up, but then I peeked closer and stared to have doubts. I’ve never loved the corset-look detailing on bodices, even if it is a D&G staple; cups like that too often look like they’re squeezing the boobs. And I generally ALSO balk at the horizontal seam that cuts the wearer across the knee. It ends up coming across like the dress was supposed to stop there and then the designers changed their minds and sewed on all their leftover fabric real quick. Haste, or the appearance thereof, is not a dreamy aesthetic.

But it’s a lively floral. I just wish this was slightly sharper here and there, you know? I want her head and clutch to have the best. I’d tinker with the top and let the bottom finish the way it started. What would you do?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]