Guess what’s happening on Sunday? THE EMMYS. Yes, already. This year, we will not be live-blogging the red carpet for Vulture or here at GFY, because we are actually going to be on the red carpet for a piece we’re writing for NY Mag. Well, we might not exactly ON it as much as… next to it. Kind of on it. On-adjacent. In other words, I don’t know where they’re sticking us yet. Look for us on E!’s jib shots. BUT: follow us on Twitter for Live On the Scene updates! We’re @Fuggirls and we WILL tell you how wrangled Jon Hamm’s junk looks. If we can see it. Until then:

The Muppet Dopplegangers of the NFL (Buzzfeed)

– The Smithsonian takes on this Jesus Had a Wife?!?! thing from a more archaeological perspective. (Smithsonian)

– Let’s read about celebrities who’ve been banned from hotels! (Travel and Leisure)

– Speaking of celebrities, Fashionista put together a pretty hilarious slideshow of Famous People Looking Cranky In the Front Row of Fashion Shows. (Fashionista)

– The ladies of The Cut discuss the relative craziness of Amanda Bynes working out in a strapless bra. (The Cut)

– Vulture visited the Parks and Rec set. I LOVE YOU RON SWANSON. (Vulture)

– Behold the world’s most “gorgeous” public restrooms.  Personally, I disagree that some of these are gorgeous, but rather bizarre and slightly horrifying, but that may be because I prefer to pee in the lobbies of five star hotels if needed. (Flavorwire)

– Watch a dog jumping on a trampoline. No, seriously. It’s adorable. (Time)


– Are you at a Hipster Wedding? This infographic will tell you! (Refinery29)

– The weirdest thing about this story about T. Swift and The Kennedy to me is that someone she talked an 18 year old boy into ANTIQUING WITH HER. (Celebitchy)