Y’all know I have been less than enamored of Amy’s outfits lately. And in one case, I think maybe I tried too hard to like it because I was sick of that blah wah-waaaaah feeling. Tell me: Am I doing the same here? Or is this actually good?

The color is a nice rich red, and she doesn’t look stumpy, and the fit seems precise. But I freely admit I might just be hypnotized by her cascade of titian tresses, which is basically its own Pantene ad. The longer I look at her face, the more I wonder if she needed to stop doing the exact same makeup she does every other day for every other type of event, and branch into a red that plays with the dress… but then again, I am someone who doesn’t know HOW to do any makeup other than mascara and whatever lip gloss I just found in my purse, so what do I know?

What do YOU know?

  • I know that this rules (30%, 2,302 Votes)
  • I know that this is at least better (23%, 1,795 Votes)
  • I know that this needed different makeup (14%, 1,110 Votes)
  • I know that this needed different hair, actually (15%, 1,125 Votes)
  • I know this is not working for me (18%, 1,398 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,732

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Tags: red, Amy Adams