Happy Memorial Day Weekend to my fellow Americans! It’s officially SUMMER! I hope your weekend is just like the above, Ian Ziering included.

And because of the holiday, we will be taking Monday off — unless something totally BONKERS happens; also, unless I get bored and decide to celebrate the opening of White Polo Pants season — but we will definitely be back to business as usual on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend — if you need a book to read by the pool, can I suggest The Royal We? – and have an extra side of potato salad for me, because I love it. (PS: If you bought the book on iBooks, you should now have the bonus chapter. If you don’t, delete the book from your device and re-download it again from the cloud and it should pop up. We had no idea this was going to be so complicated!)

– This is fascinating, at The Atlantic: A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France

– At The New York Times: Asian-American Actors Are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.

– I mean, you will OBVIOUSLY want to read this Daveed Diggs profile at Esquire, right? Right. He is so smart and so handsome and also he wears a Breton stripe sweater in one of the photos.

– I LOVED Linda Holmes’s take on the new season of The Bachelorette at Monkey See

– Can we solve this Blind Item over at Lainey?

– A delight to see The Royal We on this list of must-read summer paperbacks at The Zoe Report.

– At Avidly: Who Holds Your Hair?: Towards A Literary Theory of Drunk Puking: “All Wharton criticism needs to immediately reorient itself around the basic tragic insight that  House of Mirth is the story of Lily hoping to find just one person who will hold her hair, and her  slow brutal realization that no one, no one, will do it for her.

– Per the New York Post, the home that Harriet the Spy lived in is for sale, a cool 4.5 million. There is, to my great joy, a dumbwaiter. (No word on whether or not it comes with a tomato-sandwich maker.)

– This was a great piece at GQ, about a woman who takes her mom to a hemp convention.

– Racked has a report from THE OLYMPICS OF HAIR!

– Upon the occasion of her birthday, EW wonders…which Helena Bonham Carter are you? Turns out I am Lucy Honeychurch, which is EXCELLENT NEWS, as this means I get to make out with Julian Sands at the height of his hotness in a field of poppies. I CAN’T WAIT.


– The recipe of the week! At Camille Styles, PINEAPPLE MARGARITAS! (I’m ready for summer drinking.)

– At The Toast: A Comprehensive List of Things Sad Kit Harington Looks Like

– At Pajiba, a discussion of the best way to end The Americans

– Over at Celebitchy: Is Hiddleston dating “a hot historian”?

– The Hollywood Gossip rounds up SECRET HOLLYWOOD BABIES.

– And if you missed it, here at GFY:

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