Listen, I don’t know what you were doing last month! You might have missed something good. Just in case, please enjoy May’s Most Popular posts and make sure you’re up to date on what Fug Nation’s been talking about. (As always, I filtered out all recaps and Royals Round-Ups, as well as our retrospective of Wills and Kate’s marriage, which was also on last month’s list. You guys love some royal romantic gazing.)

  1. Claire Danes wore an amazing light-up Zac Posen gown to the Met Gala
  2. We got new portraits of Princess Charlotte for her first birthday. She’s very cute.
  3. Blake Lively was all over Cannes.
  4. SO  MANY HOT DUDES went to the Met Gala. Come drool over Dudes In Suits.
  5. Heather and I took an awesome trip to the UK, and we told you all about it.
  6. The Met Gala hosted many many models.
  7. As well as Beyonce and Solange, who never fails to amaze at the Met.
  8. It’s the Cannes opening gala! Look at all these gowns!
  9. Wills and Kate and Harry popped out and punched things.
  10. We looked at all the celebs who went to this year’s Kentucky Derby. Johnny Weir forever!