So much to discuss today! Little Swedish Prince Oscar had his christening today, so we’ve got pictures from that, including my favorite dress on Crown Princess Mary EVER. We’ve also got hats! Dramatic gowns! Queens riding around sticking their heads out of sunroofs and looking at guns! So, you know. The usual.

Earlier this week, we had plenty of royal shenanigans. In case you missed it:

Wills and Kate and Harry went out to the Chelsea Flower Show, and so did half of their relatives.

Wills and Kate popped out to one of the Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, and it was all Top Hats Ahoy!

– Also, if I may take a brief moment to self-promote, if you’re looking for a book for your long weekend, may I suggest The Royal We if you haven’t read it yet? I GUESS I JUST DID.

And once June rolls around, prepare yourself: We will be knee-deep in royal doings, from Ascot to the Curly Feathered Joys of the Order of the Garter, to a bunch of random Kate engagements. ROYALS AHOY.

Of interest elsewhere:

– At People, OH MY GOD. Remember how Heather and I saw the Fashioning a Reign exhibit when we were in Scotland, and it was awesome? The version that’s going to be at Buckingham Palace this summer will have the Queen’s coronation gown and her wedding dress. GO. GO AND REPORT BACK.

– Also at People, a very interesting look at the upcoming Season — a phrase that feels so deliciously Downton.

– Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta of Belgium had a baby and everyone looks happy and is cute. (Hello!)

– Also at Hello!, a retrospective of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s relationship.

– Fascinating at BBC: Elizabeth I dress: Altar cloth may be Queen’s gown

– Whoa. Pippa just ran a marathon at the Great Wall of China and came in 13th of all women. DAMN. (InStyle)

– At Vanity Fair: Kate Middleton May Have Called Prince William “Babe”: What Does It Mean? Royals, they’re just like us.

– The Duchess Kate blog has the latest on Kate’s newest official portrait.

– And your social media bits of interest (scroll over the one from KP to get an opportunity to play the video.)

Here, mouse over to get the button to play this video:   Thank you @landroverbar for the great footage of The Duchess taking to the waves with @BenAinslie and the team on the Solent!   A video posted by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

[Photos: Getty, THIERRY ROGE/AFP/Getty Images, Jordanian Royal Household via Getty Images]