As you may know from our many references to it, and also the fact that we’ve been blanketing our various social media feeds with photos, we were just in the UK — on the grace and favor of Visit Britain — for the Queen’s birthday. And the trip dates could not have been timed better, because it was the week preceding the birth of our book’s paperback format, so we carted it along with us and photographed it in various places of import (and some of frivolity). We’ll be posting more pictures from the trip, which was absurdly scenic and full of good rugs, but for now please enjoy The Royal We gamboling about the country. The all-new bonus chapter assures me that it had a wonderful time.

As of today, the paperback is available everywhere you might expect it to be — and there’s a new place where you can pick up a copy: Your local Target, which will never stop being thrilling. I am going to visit it there myself today, and every other day that I walk into a Target (which is a lot). You can also get it from Barnes & Noble stores or hopefully your favorite local indie bookseller (Kramerbooks in D.C. tweeted us a photo of the VERY awesome placement they gave us), or order it it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound. 

And while I’ve got you:

Not sure what The Royal We is?

RoyalWe_TR53_RGB300 copy

First, I shall direct you to this page, which includes a synopsis and a variety of lovely blurbs, from People to The New York Times. Then I shall note with no shortage of glee that Lauren Graham (!) optioned it and is developing it as a movie that would star Mae Whitman (!!). (And, that’s as much as we know; we’re not involved at this point, although you’d better believe that if it gets to the casting stage, we will beg and plead our way into that room.)

And finally: If you bought the hardback, I am so sorry we can’t go back in time and give you the bonus chapter, too. (The ebook will automatically update.) We appreciate your support immeasurably — and that goes for all of you. Whether you bought it tangibly or electronically, or checked it out from your local library, or borrowed your friend’s copy, your faith in the book has meant more to us than we could possibly express. THANK YOU. We love you all.