In News You Can Use, our novel The Royal We is currently on sale for e-readers. Why? I don’t know, but I decided that this is both celebrating Pippa’s wedding this weekend and Harry and Meghan’s impending engagement. For how long will it be available at such a great and reasonable price? I have no idea, so do not tarry, my friends, if you’d like to read it on your e-reader whenever you want. (Also, if you have the hardback version and want to read the new chapter, say, this might be your chance!)

Where can you get this wondrous deal?

It’s $3.99 at Amazon!

It’s $3.99 at Barnes and Noble! (They’ve included it in something called their Wedding Season Sale, which does make good sense, as the book opens on the eve of a wedding.)

It’s $3.99 at iBooks!

– It’s $3.99 for your Kobo!

Happy reading! (Someone, gift this to Meghan Markle.)