This all went down on Monday, and I waited and waited and WAITED for better pictures, but then I just GAVE UP.  Don’t people know that I want to see Kate sticking her head into a bucket of flowers? Harry, getting stuck in a hedge? William climbing a tree? Harry making Kate laugh by sticking a flower behind his ear? Wills and Kate making out in a rose bush? COME ON. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.

I guess this is close:

Likewise, thank goodness Emily Nash at Hello! was on the case. I have a lot to say about this:

We DID get video, and it’s not like we haven’t seen this dress/coat/coatdress/I dunno before:

I like that moment where they are both like, “wait, did we lose Harry?” Anyway, SEVERAL royals came out to the flower show Monday — Anne! Beatrice! Eugenie! Eugenie’s boyfriend?!?!? Please eyeball them while I bewail my lack of flora-adjacent shenanigans.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]