Happy weekend, everyone! Please enjoy the following:

– A late add, as this news just broke (it’s 10:15pm PST as I write this): The New York Times obituary for Muhammad Ali is very good, and extensive.  The piece in their sports section is also quite a good read (in particular, it’s interesting to see the past NYT coverage of his career and life, which they have loaded into slideshows). I am sure there will be more remembrances in the next few days — if you come across a good one, please feel free to share it in the comments. (Like this one, which President Obama wrote in 2010. It’s nice to know that Ali got to read that one.) My mother met Ali, briefly, here in Los Angeles back in the day, and the story is stuff of family legend.  The short version is that he was basically the most charismatic, handsome, charming man — certainly in Los Angeles, and possibly in America at the time. What a loss for us all.

– The man who did all the original Sweet Valley High covers ACCEPTS COMMISSIONS. Should Heather and I get a portrait done?! I want this one:

– At The New Yorker: The Mind-Blowing Athleticism of Simone Biles, which is a video. You guys. Simone Biles is amazing. She is extraordinary.

– Related: Vanity Fair’s portraits of (assumed) Olympians are excellent, and also hot.

– This piece at the New York Times – called J. K. Rowling Just Can’t Let Harry Potter Go — is an interesting look at the way some characters are hard to abandon for writers.

– Also fascinating at the NYT, this profile of Lizzie Grubman. There’s…a lot to unpack within.

– This is an interesting long-read at Buzzfeed about the meteoric rise of DryBar.

– Pajiba says: Hollywood Can’t Seem To Find Hot Asian Actors, Allow Us To Help. I….may have found myself staring at this post for a little longer than was wholly proper. I REGRET NOTHING.

– At Lainey: AT LAST, the Guys and Dolls remake appears to be happening. Last I heard, they were thinking of Channing Tatum for it and…can Channing sing? I guess Brando can’t sing either, and god knows, Channing can dance.


SUNGLASSES. (The New Potato)

– Frock Flicks takes on the Top Five Portrait Reproductions in Historical Costume Movies.

– At Celebitchy, this is great: Gina Rodriguez loaned a fan her Golden Globes dress to wear to prom. How awesome is she?

– This is fun, at Decider: The 5 ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Musical Numbers Most Improved by Explicit Lyrics

– At the Washington Post, the always-brilliant Robin Givhan examines the question we’ve all been asking: Does Rodarte actually exist?

– You’ve probably already read this essay from Joe Posnanski about Hamilton, and his daughter, but it’s lovely.

– Atlas Obscura investigates: How Novels Came to Be Written in the Voice of Coins, Stuffed Animals and Other Random Objects

– It’s the 10th anniversary of The Hills — how old we all are — and MTV has ranked every. single. episode.

And, in case you missed it here on Go Fug Yourself, here are some highlights from this past week: