I LOVE these covers. This first one is for subscribers:

And this is the newsstand version:

I love them both. They manage to be creative, and haughty, and beautiful, and weird, all at the same time — and god knows, I love a good hedge row. They didn’t buff out her weirdness, but the clothing that she is wearing is both beautiful and very classic. And, not for nothing, I always appreciate it when the actress on the front of my fashion magazine is older than I am. This hardly ever happens. So, I raise my Pimm’s to you, HBUK: This looks deliciously worthy of a poolside read.

(PS: you should read the interview over at Harper’s Bazaar, where it is noted, “The rest of [HBC] is clad in dusty, Victorian-inspired black: a ruffled coat, a lace blouse with a punkish zip, a tasselled kilt and knee socks with little ribbon garters holding them up. Her wild bush of hair has been carelessly piled on top of her head and accessorised with a floral bow. ” This is ALL THAT I WANT from HBC; how deliciously on-brand she is.)

[Photos: Harper’s Bazaar UK, photographed by Tom Craig]