As you may be aware, James Franco has remade the best-titled Lifetime movie ever — Tori Spelling’s seminal Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? — because…well, there is no form of art that James Franco does not appreciate, frankly. Whatever you may think about him, this dude committed to being on General Hospital just because he thought it would be fun. I appreciate that. And, ergo, I have high-ish hopes that his reboot of the Lifetime, Television For Women Lady-in-Peril movie will be better than A Deadly Adoption. At the very least, it has vampires:

I can only hope that the success of this endeavor will lead to a remake of other Tori Spelling/Lifetime vehicles, like Co-Ed Call Girl, or that one where she’s a championship skier who falls in love with a weirdo wrong number, or the one where Kelli Martin stabs her to death with a vegetable peeler she just happens to keep in the front seat of her car. You may think I am being snarky here, but I assure you, I am not. No one on this earth enjoys Lifetime Movie Network more than I do. One day I’ll tell you about the time I spent eight hours straight watching movies about the Menendez Brothers. It changed me.