You know how Peter Morgan LOVES shots of people arriving places in cars, as if we could not figure out how a person would get to Buckingham Palace without them (“what if they think it was a hot air balloon,” he frets)? And how he ALSO loves shots of people from behind? Well, congrats, that’s literally all the new teaser for The Crown consists of! (I will admit that the shot of Diana’s train is very effective.) This truly feels like the sort of trailer you cut when half of these characters haven’t yet been cast so you don’t want to show an actor’s face:

It sort of reminds me of the Next On teasers for Mad Men. You could tell Matt Weiner loathed them — you could also tell he loathed having to work in a commercial break, which is absurd to me; you’re on AMC, and Breaking Bad does it beautifully, so please accept this. This has been a memo from 2008 — because they were always just, like, Don answering the phone and saying, “Hello?” and maybe Roger sticking his head in the door and saying, “they’re here,” and then a shot of Betty leaning against a door and smoking. I guess at least in this case, you get the general gist: Diana’s here and they’re about to really fuck this up! Regardless: I look VERY forward to watching this; luxuriating in how expensive it is; complimenting most of the actors on their very adept performances; loving at least one episode; getting BIG MAD about another for some reason; and then complaining about a bunch of other nitpicky stuff! Business as usual! For once!