Just brace yourselves, okay. Next week, and the week following, is going to have beaucoup British royals — all celebrating the Queen and charity events and Order of the Garter (when is poor Harry going to get that? Jeez) and Ascot and….well, just prepare yourselves, is what I am saying. Today, however, I bring you wedding gowns, busts (of the sculptural variety), and many white pants — polo and otherwise.


– I am sure you saw that QE2 is Vanity Fair’s cover girl this month. I haven’t picked up this issue yet, but it is chockablock with royals stuff – like this story about her love of corgis.

VF also has a story about Wills’ and Kate’s life in the country with the kids, but — to be totally honest — it doesn’t have any new info that I haven’t heard. You, however, might spend less time reading about those two than I do (probably for the best), and it’s a good compilation of intel. As you may have read here before, W&K’s friends are notoriously tight-lipped, which is GREAT for them, but it does mean that the royals reporters get very very little scoop.

– VF also has an interesting piece about the significance of QE2’s royal portraits.

– The Daily Mail I KNOW has a good round-up of Crown Princess Mary’s recent looks.

– Racked asks, Kate Middleton vs. Amal Clooney: Whose Hats Are Better?

The Express brings us the following: The Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday: A look back at Prince Philip’s life in pictures. In case you forgot how handsome he was. (Say what you will about the Windsors, they’re VERY good at bringing in Hot Genes to the pool.)

– Wills and Kate took the kids out over the weekend; People has the scoop.

– OH MAXIMA. What are you wearing?!? (Order of Splendor)

– Princess Leonore of Sweden had her first official engagement today (to her duchy) and ooooh she is so cute. (Hello!)

– Meanwhile, Queen Margrethe has been gallivanting all over the place and meeting pigs and riding in interesting vehicles, like so:

– Prince Philip missed an engagement earlier in the in week due to ill health, but he was back out today. He looked really spry when we saw him in person in April, but I thought he looked a little peaked at this event, which…he’s 95. He may well FEEL a bit peaked. I am bit worried about his health, to be honest.

And, finally, this is very low-key: