Happy weekend to all! If it’s hot where you are, may I suggest you take a look at our recent Afternoon Chat about hot-weather meals? Because it is awesome. Elsewhere:

– Today, gay marriage is legal in the United States, and if you haven’t read the final paragraph from Justice Kennedy’s ruling, you really should. It’s quite beautiful. I cannot wait to cry over everyone’s courthouse wedding pictures at my desk!  (Slate)

– We rated the HOTNESS of the dudes at the Magic Mike XXL premiere, for Cosmo.

– This is a GREAT list of good summer reads, and I’m not just saying that because Emma Straub said very nice things about The Royal We indeed. (Brooklyn Based)

– This is likewise great, at Buzzfeed Books: ALL the books referenced in this season of Orange Is The New Black.

– Also at Buzzfeed: Bea Arthur’s Top 10 Strangest Outfits On The Golden Girls

– Let’s look at Taye Diggs in costume for Hedwig and The Angry Inch! (People)

Clueless is twenty years old — almost old enough to legally drink! — and Grazia has given us a gift guide.

– At People: 11 Real-Life Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit. OKAY!

- All this Rose McGowan stuff is fascinating. Good for her for her honesty. (Lainey)

– As is this piece about how, literally, they replaced Eric Stolz with Michael J Fox in Back the the Future. Some of you will actually know some of this, because I’ve told part of the story herein before, because Christopher Lloyd talked about it in detail at a screening of all three BttF movies that I went to at the New Beverly here in LA, years ago. It’s good stuff, and I can’t WAIT to read that Making Of book. I hope they talked to Claudia Wells, the actress who played Jennifer Parker, who told us at the same event that Stolz’s Method acting was so extreme that he would call her at home at night and ask to speak “to Jennifer,” and it used to drive her mother crazy, because Claudia’s real life sister WAS actually named “Jennifer” and she never knew who the person on the phone actually wanted. (Vulture)

– YES: 10 Best Summer Punch Recipes. I LOOOOOOVE me some punch, which honestly rarely ends well for me. (Camilla Styles)

– Jason Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, wrote some interesting stuff about Scientology, which she’s disavowed since their divorce. It’s worth a look. (Pajiba)

– Speaking of, at Gawker, for your perusal: A Comprehensive Updated List of Every Celebrity Linked to Scientology

– I cannot think how long this took to write. I BOW DOWN, VULTURE: Every Seinfeld episode, ranked. EVERY EPISODE, JERRY.

– Let’s look at ALL these pictures of Victoria Beckham traveling. (Refinery29)

– How fabulous is Iman — at 60! — on the cover of Vogue Italia? The spread inside is great, too.(Coloures)

– Here’s some scruffy Fassbender for you. (Celebitchy)

– Julie Kent — recognizable to fans of Center Stage, and a great dancer – has danced her last performance after 29 years. (People)

– This is quite a story: British art dealer discovers unknown Monet pastel taped to another work (The Guardian)

– Also at The Guardian, the 10 best independent bookshops in the world, as recommended by readers

– YOU GUYS. They’re making a musical of The O.C.! (Hypable)

– This is always one of my favorite articles of the year: the Minnesota State Fair has announced its new foods.  Deep-fried ribs! Mac and cheese cupcake! Stuffed Italian Meatloaf On-a-Stick ? BACON FUNNEL CAKE. (Pioneer Press)