Rihanna didn’t walk the red carpet at the BET Awards yesterday, and judging from her outfit, it’s because she was running late from her side gig as LA’s coolest and very likely most successful Century 21 agent:

I am pretty sure Rihanna could sell me basically anything, real estate included, as she is VERY NEARLY selling me this outfit and — objectively — it is hideous. The color is uninspiring, the fit is not great, the fabric seems like the same one Hot Topic used to make Sexy Going Out Blazers in 1999 (this was a real thing, young people; I had one); and the whole thing is more or less the essence of bland. And yet! She still basically looks good in, like, a global sense.

My favorite bit about this next photo is that she appears to be taking an important phone call (it’s just the way she’s holding her hand):

Do we have a deal?