With apologies to those of you in the opposite hemisphere, who are taking your sweaters out of storage, it is HOT AROUND THESE PARTS. Which means I basically cannot think about turning on the oven without breaking into a sweat. Which means I eat A LOT of salads:

That one is on its way to being potato (I use the Smitten Kitchen version of Rosanne Cash’s potato salad) and (a) technically you probably shouldn’t eat potato salad for dinner as, like, your entree, and (b) unfortunately potato salad requires boiling water, which I always forget until I have to do that part, but whatever. I love potato salad and basically any composed salad and essentially anything I can make right now that doesn’t require broasting or searing or fire. But I am running out of Cold Meal Go-Tos. Because I know Fug Nation is full of people with widely ranging skills, interests, and cookbooks, I throw this to you: What’s your favorite It’s Too Hot For Me To Cook meal?