Happy weekend, y’all!

Do you need new Travel Accessories? YOU DO.

Also, we had a great chat about which beauty products you’ve splurged on have actually been worth the money.

At Lainey: Apparently, Jessica Biel is an anti-vaxxer (kinda). We’re going to have to put this on the agenda at this month’s Meeting of the Jessicas. Chastain and Lange and I have thoughts.

SNIFF. From Today: 97-year-old D-Day vet reunites with lost love after 75 years. But…are they going to get married? Get married, old people!

Speaking of delightful people over 80, I loved this at the Los Angeles Times: He’s written novels and run a business. Now, at 85, he’s got a college degree.

Also at the LAT: The Rules of Dressing Ru Paul!

Also at Lainey, this is an EXCELLENT LOOK at OSCARS LOGISTICS. Spoiler: The Oscars are already in a real muddle for next year.

Speaking of logistics, this is a really, REALLY interesting look from the CBC about what happens with the White House visit if a Canadian team wins a sporting championship — which is VERY pertinent today indeed, since it just happened!

At The New Yorker: “The Westing Game,” a Tribute to Labor That Became a Dark Comedy of American Capitalism

Over a Pajiba: Justin Bieber Was Just Playing About Fighting Tom Cruise, You Know How He Do (Please Don’t Hurt Him) SERIOUSLY, this story was so deranged. I had a lot of my plate this week and there was a moment where I was like, “I don’t have time to learn what Bieber is doing now,” and then what Bieber WAS actually doing sunk in via Twitter osmosis and I obviously read all about it.

This was a good read at the LA Times: The working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self

At Esquire: Billy Porter Arrived a Long Time Ago. The World Finally Caught Up.

Via Socialite Life: According to a Plate of Cookies, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s Feud Is Over.  Next up: Peace in the Middle East.

Over at The Mary Sue: Chris Evans is a gift. A GIFT!