A few weeks ago, one of you wrote to us — or maybe DMed me on Instagram? Time truly is sand through the hourglass, I do not even know what day it is anymore — and asked if we could do a chat for all the hair/face/body/beauty stuff we splashed out for that was actually worth it. I feel like everyone has had the experience of buying something and then realizing that it was a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY — but it’s kind of exciting when the opposite happens, perhaps because it’s so rare. Let us share the stuff that was worth our hard-earned cash (and, of course, I feel like the definition of “splurge” is very fluid, as most beauty products are, after all, a luxury and not a necessity. Basically, if you paid for it and it worked, DO SHARE).

I, for instance, recently nabbed a small size of the Dr Augustinus Bader face cream that you and I have both seen all over Instagram — I got it at for 20% off and it still cost an all-mighty fortune — and I regret to inform you that it’s great and my face has literally never looked better. Now I am going to have to buy it again and this is going to throw off the line-item on my budget for Personal Upkeep. (It does seem to be lasting a fairly long time, but still.) I also am prone to a dry scalp — I’m really just a dry husk of a woman, like a walking piece of human jerky — and the infamous Christophe Robin salt scrub does really help. (It’s also pricy AF, but it lasts a long time. I feel like pairing it with Trader Joe’s $3 hair mask makes it all even out. That hair mask is EXCELLENT.)

Those are my two big ones right now! And now, it is your turn. Mostly want I want to know it: Who bought the Dyson Hair Dryer and does it do anything? (I cannot buy a new hair dryer; I already own an expensive hair dryer that I really like! I’m just real curious.) (Although that does remind me: My FOREVER Splurge is my Mason Pearson hairbrush. As I always say, I would save it from a housefire; I don’t even pack it in my checked baggage. I CANNOT LOSE IT.)

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