Happy Friday the 13th! I hope it brings you luck. As for me, I bring you the following:

– You may have seen this photo set of re-constructed D-Day photographs that went around last week (we retweeted them), but the Wall Street Journal actually talks to the photographer to find out how he did them.

– This article was MADE FOR ME: 50 Ways to Wear Breton Stripes. (Never Underdressed)

Dan Kois went an entire month without sitting down and it’s very funny. I’m going to stand up right now. (NY Mag)

Time has a Political Memoir Title Generator, and mine was: Jessica Morgan: Sincere Moxie, which I fully endorse. What’s yours?

– You will love this essay about what it’s like to re-read the Ramona Quimby books at 40. Beverly Cleary forever! (I visited friends in Portland a couple of years ago, and we drove past Klickitat Street and I screamed.) (Avidly)

Ten important lessons from 10 Things I Hate About You, which is 15 years old this week. ARGH. (Who What Wear)

– And it’s the 20th anniversary of Speed! This is a great piece talking to all the OTHER actors on the bus. (HitFix)

– AND Vanity Fair has revisited all of their Young Hollywood picks from 2003 and it is A BLAST FROM THE PAST. Aaron Carter is involved.

– Did you see the thing about the dude who MASS-TEXTED 32 of his Tinder matches? It’s kinda great. PS: I’m too old for Tinder. (Elle)

Colin Firth is in a spy movie and it’s inspired a whole line of (very pricy) menswear. It DOES look chic. I love you, Colin Firth, just as you are. (Pret-a-Reporter)

– Lainey has LOADS of pics of soccer players arriving for the World Cup en masse, many in suits. YOU’RE WELCOME.

– I’m just going to overload this F&P with pictures of hot dudes. Like Paper’s Tournament of Hotties, which aims to pick the hottest dude at the World Cup. I wish WE did a Tournament of Hotties.

– Grantland looks at World Cup Songs. SPOILER: Some of them are HORRIFYINGLY BAD.

– And here’s a bunch of pics of young Marlon Brando for you. (You forget how dishy he was.) (Buzzfeed)

– And Harper’s Bazaar UK has put together a whole post of Posh British Actors. You like most of them. I promise. (Kit Harrington is related to Charles II via his grandmother. Her name is Lavendar.)

– Another work from the brillz Anne Helen Peterson that’s well-worth a read is this long and fascinating look at what she calls “The tortured history of Entertainment Weekly.” (The Awl)

– I’ll just leave this headline here: Boy drama: Kanye West omits Jay-Z’s name from all of his lyrics during a show. #ALLDISRESPECTOJAYZ (Celebitchy)

– YAY: LeVar Burton Announces Several Generations of Star Trek Actors Will Kick Off Reading Rainbow. (Pajiba)