Hey guys!

Happy New Year! We are actually in London at the moment, doing book research, and having many many issues with our internet access, so please bear with us if there are random site issues that we don’t get to as quickly as we would otherwise do. That, in addition to the fact that nothing seems to be happening with celebrities right this second, is also why today’s Fugs and Pieces is rather short (and early). If you have London restaurant recommendations for us, please weigh in!

– I often wonder if I am in a Noel Streatfield novel, and now we can find out. (The Toast)

I agree with Pajiba that Shia LeBeouf needs to CHILL.Also, stop plagiarizing people. (Pajiba)

–Aw, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spent NYE in Hawaii.(Lainey)

– Alyssa Milano totally served Jay Mohr. Who earned it. (Celebitchy)

– Clay Aiken is considering a run for Congress. You do you, Clay. (NY Mag)

– PLEASE buy a caftan from the Rue McClanahan estate sale!(The Estate of Rue)

– Let’s revisit this great post on The Hairpin: The 17th Century Breastoration: A TIME BEFORE BRAS.(The Hairpin)

–Vulture has a great refresher on what happened on season three of Downton Abbey and it will be useful for us all! Did I mention we’re going to start fug-capping it? It’s true NO SPOILERS. (Vulture)

Former Vikings punter (and fellow UCLA alum) Chris Kluwe believes he was let go from the Vikings because of his vocal pro-gay marriage stance. He talks to Deadspin about it. (Deadspin)