We’ve heard Amy Adams has a new stylist, and hurrah for that:

This is one of the cooler things she’s worn in a long time — in Days of Yore her clothes had a vibe of “been there, worn that,” even though she wasn’t repeating anything. Lately, even if we are iffy on an outfit, it at least feels like a fresh direction for her (even if so far it’s been mostly black and white). And fortunately I am not iffy on this gown: It’s fun, it’s flattering, and it portends good things for the awards season that begins SUNDAY OH MY GOD ALREADY HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE WHITHER MY SMELLING SALTS. Hopefully then she will bust out some color. That may give us the vapors for real, so if Intern George doesn’t show up with my remedies, he will be in serious danger of a mild reprimand and a shorter hug than usual.

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