Happy Friday! How fast this year is already ticking away. While you ponder the unstoppable march of time, enjoy:

– This will start your weekend off correctly, thanks to Elle: She’s the Boss: Judith Light on Angela Bower, ‘Transparent,’ and Diamonds. YES. She looks amazing.

– Gawker’s (new?) book blog enumerates the 50 best first lines in fiction.

– And in honor of her birthday this past week, Flavorwire treats us to some of Jane Austen’s best insults from Pride and Prejudice.

– Yahoo Style addresses the death of the mani-cam. We think.

– Did you read about this new app that will give you a fake boyfriend for….reasons? Well, over at Jezebel, they tried it out and…it’s funny. Just read it.

Cosmo talks to Empire’s Grace Gealey about the show’s huge success and diversity on TV. And also jumpsuits.

– I agree with The Daily Beast here: PLEASE DON’T STEAM YOUR VAGINA, no matter what GOOP says.

Stacy London’s Top Shelf was on Into The Gloss this week. I love her.

– This is an interesting interview with Lena Dunham at the Los Angeles Review of Books. This line, in particular, resonated with me: “Friendship, particularly female friendship, has always struck me as more romantic than romance, more familial than family, a complex world where we are reflected back to ourselves in broken/gilded/found-on-the-street mirrors. I love art that addresses the complexity of it.”

– I think you’ll enjoy Amal Clooney’s rejoiner about what she wore to court. (Lainey)

– These books of Fashion Through the Ages are gorgeous. (All Things Georgian)

–Pajiba celebrates the return of The Americans — such a good show — with a look at its wigs. WIGS!

– Speaking of The Americans, Fashionista talks to its costumer designer and you will want to read all about it.

– Buzzfeed asks the real question: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW CENTER STAGE?

– I’m just going to share this headline with you, from Celebitchy: Johnny Depp is so bored of ‘Mortdecai’ that he made up a chupacabra attack