Greetings, Fug Nation! Are you aware of the fact that the Golden Globes are this Sunday, January 12th? They are.  We will of course be live-blogging them for The Cut (I’ll toss up a link on Sunday) and you should definitely follow us on Twitter for added fun and commentary. We are, now and forever, @FugGirls. Until then:

Clooney is auctioning off a date with him — for charity, and also you get to bring someone with you, so it’s more like a threesome — and it can be yours for all of $10. And yet he still won’t come to work. I have ten years of filing, George! TEN! (CBS)

Miley’s the new Marc Jacobs muse, and the ads are FULL OF FEELING. It looks like Morrissey art directed. (Lainey)

– Speaking of ads, Nicole Kidman looks VERY Photoshopped in the new Jimmy Choo ads. I feel like she probably didn’t need quite that much work; we all know she’s not 21 anymore (and that’s okay). (People StyleWatch)

– You’re going to want to read this article about the floorplans of various homes in your favorite books. Manderley! Castle Dracula! 221 B Baker Street! (Shortlist)

– This is probably my favorite listicle of the week:  Ten B*tchfaces We’re Most Looking Forward To Seeing This Sunday At The Golden Globes. (Pajiba)

– Although it’s hard to resist a compilation of the best drinking moments of Parks and Recreation. Obviously, my favorite involves Snake Juice. (Vulture)

– Or mug-shots of famous writers. (Flavorwire)

– Or 32 hats for Kate Middleton’s 32nd birthday. (Celebuzz)

– Here are your Cumberbatch stories for the week, Cumberbitches. They are delightful, all full of anecdotes of him being lovely to people in Oklahoma. (Celebitchy)

– Hah: Alexander Skarsgård Reenacted That Infamous True Blood Scene At The South Pole. He may be literally freezing his butt off, but anything for a gag. (Refinery29)

The Victorians were obsessed with seaweed, and that’s because it’s beautiful. (Collectors’ Weekly)

– I agree with Sarah that GOD PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANOTHER SATC MOVIE, YOU GUYS. (Previously.TV)