You guys! THE OSCARS ARE SUNDAY. I hope you’re prepared! (We aren’t live-blogging it, but you CAN follow along with us on Twitter, and we’ll obviously be all over it here come Monday morning.) I’m sure it will be much like this:

(I was like 13 when this was the Oscars opener and even then I remember being like, “Well, this is going to go down in history as an epic shitshow.”)

In other housekeeping news, as you may have heard (especially if you just read Royals Round-Up), The Royal We comes out in paperback two months from today. (You can pre-order it, if you are a pre-orderer! It’s also going to be available at Target, which we’re very excited about.) Heather and I are considering doing a couple of appearances/signings in support of it, but we’d like to crowdsource it and see if there’s any consensus in Fug Nation as to where we should go. (We did this for our Boston appearance for Messy, and it was an awesome event.) We are mostly discussing this on our Facebook page, so please feel free to chime in there if you’d like to see us in your neck of the woods.

And elsewhere:

– I really enjoyed The Hollywood Reporter’s oral history of The Tower Bar. I would note that this piece doesn’t really mention the fact that their famous maitre d’, Dimitri, is EXTREMELY NICE and solicitous to nobodies, as well as celebrities.

– This was interesting, at Fashionista: The Most Difficult Scenes to Costume From the Year’s Biggest Films and TV Series

– At MTV: Revisiting The Four Oscar Ceremonies In Which Leonardo DiCaprio Tragically Lost The Gold

– On the same tip, at Pajiba: Grading on the DiCaprio Curve: Actors Who Should Have Won an Oscar Based Purely on Suffering

– And, at Cosmo: “Leonardo DiCaprio Hasn’t Acted in a Movie Directed by a Woman in 2 Decades: Hollywood’s lack of female directors is shameful — and it’s time for the industry’s leading men to do their part to fix the problem.​”

– Like Lainey, I TOO want to know who “the secret actress” is.

– I LOVED this piece in Elle from Christina Ehrlich about styling actresses for major events.

– Hasn’t this happened to everyone? Brazilian woman undergoes plastic surgery, wakes up a kleptomaniac (Women in the World)

This interview with Simon Doonan at Into The Gloss is SUCH A DELIGHT. To wit: “I slept on a friend’s floor and worked at the Costume Institute. It was a four month gig. Back then, at the opening reception, anybody could buy a hundred dollar dessert ticket, so you would get to go to the Met for the party after dinner ended. Hundreds of people did it. All these fashion riffraffs would buy these hundred-dollar tickets and storm the place! It was so fun.”

– Posh Spice has GIVEN UP HEELS! (Lainey)

– At Celebitchy, did you hear? Michael B Jordan is set to star in a reboot of The Thomas Crown Affair. I am IN.

Anna Merlan went on a conspiracy theorist’s cruise for Jezebel, and it is FASCINATING. (I don’t even think I want to go on a regular cruise.)

– Via The Hollywood Gossip, Robert Pattinson looks pretty hot in these Dior ads.

Vanity Fair recaps the 1996 Oscars ceremony. Oh, man.  This is so good! SO MANY NOW BROKEN UP COUPLES! Goop and Brad! Nic Cage and Patricia Arquette!

– Also at VF: Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Takes Us Inside Mary and Edith’s Epic Fight

– The New York Times makes The Case for the Cape.

– The AV Club rounds up some of TV’s best opening credit sequences.

– Forever Young Adult ran an interview with me and Heather this week that you might enjoy!

– Also from us, we hung out with YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous as she prepped to sit front row at NYFW. It was interesting.

– We also ran down some of the best dressed celebs there this season.

And, if you missed a few days here at GFY, some highlights: