Before we get into this week’s slideshow, I wanted to make sure you caught up with our Kate coverage of this week. The comments section for BOTH these posts delve very deeply into the current PR issues Wills&Kate are having WRT their workload, and if you haven’t read them, they are well worth your time (and, of course, if you missed the coverage as a whole, here it is):

In this week’s slideshow of royal shenanigans, I am happy to bring you perhaps my favorite picture of Princess Anne to date, plus naughty t-bars, miracles of coordination, and LEATHER CULOTTES? I have the vapors.

Two important matters: as you may have heard, The Royal We comes out in paperback two months from today. (You can pre-order it, if you are a pre-orderer! It’s also going to be available at Target, which is thrilling.) Heather and I are considering doing a couple of appearances/signings in support of it, but we’d like to crowdsource it and see if there’s any consensus in Fug Nation as to where we should go. (We did this for our Boston appearance for Messy, and it was an awesome event.) We are mostly discussing this on our Facebook page, so please feel free to chime in there if you’d like to see us in your neck of the woods.

ALSO! Fug National FLKait in Orlando would love to arrange a meet-up there to coincide with Prince Harry’s visit for the Invictus Games in May. We wish we could come! All the details are here, and you guys should TOTALLY DO IT. Send pics!

And elsewhere:

– Thirty-five years ago this week, Charles and Diana announced their engagement. This Op-Ed in the Washington Post at the time was INCREDIBLY prescient and interesting.

– The Nottingham Post has an interview with the man who makes Prince William’s dressing gowns. I do love a dressing gown, and this article is VERY interesting on several levels.

– The staff at KP are threatening to strike (not W&K’s personal staff), as if they don’t have enough going on over there right now. Give everyone a raise! (Town and Country)

– Speaking of the current KP Escandelo, I linked to this in the previous posts this week, but in case you didn’t see it, Patricia Treble’s piece about it in Maclean’s is quite good, as usual.

– And Richard Palmer at the Express wrote a very interesting Op-Ed including the words, “the wheels have fallen off the royal bandwagon.” It is well worth a read — I keep trying to pull quotes from it, but you should really read the entire thing.

I really enjoyed this Vogue piece on Kate’s best McQueen looks, but I find it bizarre that they didn’t include her wedding gown, just the one she wore to her reception.

– The Queen and King of Bhutan — AKA the world’s best looking royals – have released pics of their new baby and he is cuuuuuute. (People)

– On that front, the dates and some details have been released about Wills’ and Kate’s trip to India and Bhutan, which is set for April 10-16. (People)

– The Royally Scandinavian Blog has excellent details on the tea party Princess Madeleine threw this week for kids with serious illnesses. She went ALL OUT, and it’s really heart-warming and awesome.

– The Daily Beast wonders, Are Prince Harry and American Juliette Labelle Really In a Relationship? (Spoiler: NO.)

– People magazine has more deets on Harry’s upcoming trip to Nepal.

– The HRH Duchess Kate blog (one of my regular reads!) has a good piece on Kate’s recent atheleisure outing.

– Wills went out to attend tonight’s rugby match and talk to injured players — an outing long on the books — and pictures will be coming in after this publishes, so KP’s Twitter will have to do:

– Also:

– It’s Estelle’s birthday! She is beyond adorable:

– And I love this skirt on Rania: