Hey guys! Obviously, you all know that the Academy Awards are on Sunday. We’ll be live-blogging the red carpet for our friends at Vulture — and probably tweeting up a storm (@fuggirls) as usual. I’ll make sure to toss up a link to our live-blog here on GFY once it gets going, which will be approximately 3pm PST.

We had other huge news this week! We wrote a YA novel, coming out June 1st, and we can’t wait for all of you to read it. Until then, though, read these!

– I really, really love Carla on Top Chef. Any time she’s in the bottom, I am stressing out. I love her. I want to hang out with her. And I love these pictures from back in her modeling days. Carla so pretty. (Styleite)

This is definitely the only New York Fashion Week wrap-up to mention The Nanny. I think. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of Fashion Week, the Post uncovered the DRAMZ behind why we all thought Matt Damon was going to be at LAMB, and it involves impersonating other people’s identities. Can the press open a class action law suit for pain and suffering? That paparazzi scrum was intense. (NY Post)

– I NEED to read this book, The Girls in Publishing – hello, there appears to be an entire plotline about a lace bodysuit — but until I can track it down, this recap is gold. (The Inc. Blot)

– Here’s a fascinating piece about OSCAR SHOE WARS. Do I have to repeat that? OSCAR SHOE WARS. Yes. It’s just what it sounds like. (The Daily Beast)

– Speaking of the Oscars, you NEED to watch Melissa Leo in this TERRIBLE yet awesome catfight on All My Children, circa 1985. Also in this clip: Erica Kane looking EXACTLY AS SHE DOES TODAY. Plus, really shoddy acting from Nina, and also: Tad Martin when he was at the height of dreaminess. I still love you, Tad! (Vulture)

– I’m just gonna say it: Travolta looks totally FINE without his toupe. Handsome, even. BE BALD, JOHN. It works for Bruce Willis! (Pink Is the New Blog)

– The headline on this post reinforces what I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now: Alex Pettyfer ALREADY needs new PR to reign him in. Dude, you’re not famous enough for people to be nonchalantly noting that you might be a pyromaniac. (Celebitchy)

– NPR takes an interesting look at 2011’s upcoming movies adapted from books. There are a LOT of them, and most of them look potentially good. I’m still unsure about Anne Hathaway in One Day — considering that I spend most of Love and Other Drugs thinking she was chawing the scenery like tobacco….well, we’ll see. (Monkey See)

I have to be honest: I LOVE this fascinator on Kate Middleton. I think I might be a little in love with HER. I’m also in love with how Lifetime is making a movie about Kate and Wills to air the week before the wedding. Will we be covering that? DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK? (Lainey)

– Um. Dawson is in the new Ke$ha video. So are unicorns? It’s also kind of funny? He is especially funny. Also kind of hot. What is happening here?! (Vulture)