Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get what you want, whether that is sparkly jewelry or for the day to just end already. As Fashion Week FINALLY comes to a close, we’re rolling straight into the BAFTAs on Sunday, so come Monday morning there will be a whole slew of awards show outfits to critique.

– We ask the really important question: Who Wore It Best? Carrie Bradshaw, or Miss Piggy? (Vanity Fair)

– We also wrapped up The Best, The Worst, and the Weirdest of Fashion Week! (The Cut)

– ABC News got an amazing story about the wife of Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko (the one who retired due to a back injury in very dramatic fashion, and who Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski noted was being pressured to compete by, among other people, his wife). This lady is a kook and PLEASE scroll down and click the link at the bottom to see the banner she made her husband for the competition. (ABC News)

– I am really excited that the Clifton’s Cafeteria in downtown LA is opening again, and no matter where you live, I think you will enjoy this article about it. It’s fascinating. It has everything: waterfalls, bombs, biochemistry, tiki culture! (Collectors Weekly)

– This headline is true: This is the Only Must-Read Fashion Week Story About Goats. (Modern Farmer)

– New York profiled Lupita Nyong’o this week, and the photos are breathtaking. (The Cut)

– It’s true. Some of theses Olympians have AMAZING HAIR. (People StyleWatch)

– I always enjoy reading that the Olympic Village is basically just hot hot athletes hooking up constantly. (Vanity Fair)

– Ooh, these posters, of classic interiors in film, are just awesome. (Flavorwire)

Vulture ranks TV show reunions. In short: for a commercial, it’s lame; for real life, it’s awesome. I do disagree that the Old Navy “I choose jeans” 90210 reunion was lame. I thought it was so cheesy it went back around to being awesome. (Vulture)

Elle’s coverage of the Westminster Dog Show is amusing AND full of fluffy dogs that will make you feel better about whatever. (Elle)

– Just in case you’re in need of some extra cash, Pajiba takes down the worst TV characters with whom to rob a bank. (Pajiba)

Torvill and Dean returned to Sarajevo this week, and performed “Bolero” again, on the same (rebuilt after the war) rink, in the same costumes, to mark the 30th anniversary, and to celebrate the 2017 Youth Olympics. It’s a really nice story. Very touching. (The AP)

–Prince Charles really wants the Spice Girls to reunite. (Royal Central)

– Shia really is the worst. (Lainey)

– Oh, or maybe Bieber is the worst. He wants to change his name to Bizzle and become a rapper. They’re in a worst-off. (Celebitchy)