Where to begin with this week? As a friend of mine said on Facebook, when an Elvis impersonator sends Obama poison in the mail and it gets almost no news coverage, you know things are really bad. Everyone please stay safe out there — from Waco to Boston, we are thinking of you guys. If you need to be distracted from the news of the day, I present the following:

– Heather and I are appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books THIS SUNDAY, on the YA Stage, at 10:30. Our panel is called Modern Cinderella Stories, and we’re also appearing with YA Author Abby McDonald and playwriter/novelist Paul Rudnick. We’ll be signing books afterwards, so come out and see us and then spend the rest of the day at the Festival of Books, which is a really wonderful event.

Jon Hamm explains sculpture on Sesame Street. This did make me feel better this week. Hamm helps most things. (Paper)

Here’s Prince Harry. Prince Harry might help? (Lainey)

– And here’s SWINTON looking SWINTON-y in a blanket, basically, walking around New York and being SWINTON. SWINTON totally helps soothe a ruffled brow. (Celebitchy)

Therapy dogs have arrived in Boston to help those injured in the bombings. I want to pet them. (Time)

The Ann Curry Today Show story continues. I thought Ann Curry was just awful on Today, and I am still totally Team Curry with regards to all this. It’s awfully juicy. (Vulture)

– Speaking of morning shows, Ryan “Sex Idiot” Lochte was so delightfully dim doing a press junket for WWRLD? that he literally made a Philadelphia morning show anchor laugh her false lashes off. I applaud these two for having the most honest on-screen reaction to Lochte ever. (Jezebel)

– Hey, if you’re frustrated with how things are going on Earth right now, scientists have found two planets we might be able to live on. Sure, it’ll take us thousands of light years to get there, but…. (New York Times)