I suspect I should not like as much as I do:

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures'

I mean, it’s a black tube under another, slightly larger sheer black tube — like a complicated formal post-shower towel. And yet I find it rather fabulous in its simplicity and, you know, clean lines and hoo-ha (that last sentence is why I don’t write for Vogue. Er, not the only reason. Call me, A Dubs!). I must, however, also admit that I am currently feeling a bit lovey-dovey toward Selma Blair. Did you see her on the Project Runway premiere? She was the guest judge and she was fabulously, charmingly blunt. I feel like a lot of times when they have a celeb guest judge on there, they’re all like, “oh, this burlap tube top maybe wasn’t exactly what I would wear but I really think that designer seems so nice!” And she actually noted — correctly — that something was, in these words, “butt ugly.” And it was at that moment that I realized I still love her.