I guess the Middle Men premiere was a secret meeting place for black-transparency fetishists. First Stephanie Pratt, and now Laura Ramsey, of She’s The Man fame (or infamy, depending on how you feel about that movie):

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures'
It’s always alarming when an outfit is equally fitted to your breasts AND your ankles. Interestingly, despite looking very cheerful in all the pictures, she holds that purse in front of her crotch the ENTIRE time. Granted, I don’t know how or where else to carry a clutch that big, but conveniently it covers any jumpsuit’s place of terror: The Polterwang Zone. One wonders if she’s unaware of the geography of the handbag, or if the clothes are giving her ghostly gonads, so she knows she has to camouflage the pseudo-codpiece. It may, perhaps, have been a long night for the lovely Laura Ramsey, for whom the presence of a movie called She’s The Man on her resume may suddenly have seemed like the ugliest of coincidences.
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