I am really sincerely liking this show. I can’t help it. It’s seriously kind of funny — the more jokes they make about Rachel Bilson’s shorts, the more I love them (this week, she told a friend from NYC that Bluebell doesn’t get her shorts. NONE OF US DO).  Before we all head out for Thanksgiving, here is your Plot Bullet: it’s Homecoming, and Jason Street and Hot Neighbor Wade’s arch-rival from high school is in town, and they decide they need to pay him back for all the pranks he used to play on them. This is where we learn, btw, that Jason Street and HNW call each other “Mighty Mouse,” and “Donkey Kong,” respectively, and it turns out that I am in love with their bromance. Anyway, blah blah blah Lemon gets drafted to help with the prank, it goes mildly awry, and then it turns out that Arch-Rival thinks Mighty Mouse and Donkey Kong are AWESOME for trying to get him back and everyone has pancakes! Meanwhile,  Mayor Lavon Hayes has to ask Lemon why she hasn’t responded to him telling her that he loves her and she basically tells him that they need to be adults and just SHOVE ALL THOSE FEELINGS WAY WAY DOWN AND PRETEND NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Poor Mayor Lavon Hayes. All this, and he’s been drafted to coach the high school football team for Homecoming, which means Rachel Bilson is put in charge of his usual Homecoming Party, which she totally ruins when she has a friend from NYC come in to help party plan  it and they end up serving, like, molecular gastronomy hoagies, to the dismay of everyone who wanted chicken fingers. Worse. saiid Friend ALSO SLEEPS WITH THE HOT VET FROM LAST WEEK (she was trying to find out if he was gay; despite admitting that he loves Burlesque, he is not). ESCANDALO. However, all is well: Rachel saves the day when she cures the football team’s mass grass-dye poisoning (long story), she forgives NYC Friend for sleeping with the dude she kind of liked, and she and Mayor Lavon Hayes get to eat crab dip together;  at the same time, HNW is relieved that Hot Vet didn’t get his mitts all over La Bilson, and Lemon acts all squirrelly due to her LOVE FOR MAYOR LAVON HAYES being just about ready to explode all over everyone, despite her best efforts to REPRESS REPRESS REPRESS. LET’S SEE WHAT THEY WORE.