All you need to know is that George and Lemon are getting back together, despite the fact that she was incredibly, super irritating this entire episode, and perhaps her entire life. You also need to know that Hot Neighbor Wade has decided he needs to get over Zoe, and one of the reasons given are her “stupid shorts.” I would like to tell HNW that he would have a lot more sympathy to build on if he hadn’t been a total jerkwad for like SIX WEEKS.  You should also know that I’m worried that Lavon is never going to have a viable girlfriend option on this show despite the fact that a) he’s the mayor, b) he’s a football star, c) he’s loaded, d) he has an endless supply of pastel pants and flattering hats, e) he cooks, f) he owns a giant fantastic house, and g) HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? You ALSO need to know that Justin Hartley (who NEEDS to come back, given that you don’t just plonk him into a show and set up all kinds of interesting conflict with him and then disappear him) is apparently getting a divorce in real life, which is sad because I loved him and Theresa and also I will arm wrestle you for him. Don’t underestimate my freakish arm strength.