In which Brick’s Brain Fog is revealed and dealt with in like 22 minutes flat, after 3 episodes of dancing around it. This season had been going so well — until about three episodes ago, when the forward motion of the plot shuddered to a slow crawl. I feel like we were treading water for the last approximately 130 minutes, between Zoe and HNW breaking up, and the final scene of this particular episode. I often compare this show to Greek — both are charming, with a cast of thousands confirmed to a small and insular community prone to big events, with a love triangle, and a variety of meetings of well-dressed ladies. (Plus, Carter Covington works/ed on both). But Greek was great at pacing the romantic events with other plot developments that had equally (or almost equally) high stakes, even if they were ostensibly fluffy and HoD, as much as I love it — and I am THRILLED it was renewed, trust — sometimes falters when Zoe’s love life isn’t actively driving the plot. Let’s meander our way through this one.