So Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is abdicating the throne so that her son can take over, and they had a whole big dinner celebrating it last night, while somewhere in England QE2 looks at herself in a mirror and laughs and laughs. “I’ll never step down,” she tells her reflection. “NEVER.”

Let’s look at some royal peoples and dignified (at least technically speaking) guests at the run-up to the actual abdication — which I assume is followed by a coronation? Right?  Or do they just high-five? — which will have already happened by the time you’re reading this, and which we will also cover today/tomorrow. Everyone seems very excited about the entire thing! There are a LOT of rich people jovially waving and wearing crowns. MANY of whom have secret scandals I just learned about on Wikipedia and shall now pass along to you. It’s all quite thrilling.

[Photos: Getty]

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