Hmm. This might be more of an Unfug or Fab, now that I look at it.

For the most part I think she’s working this really well, and the dress itself has a nifty Gatsby-esque art deco funk to it — which makes the head-styling absolutely divine here. I don’t love the look of the bodice, though. The straps might be a bit short, so it looks tight, almost; also, putting all that clutter over her boobs not only creates the illusion that they are pellet-shaped, but it makes them look like angry eyes with knotted brows. If we could noodle there, then I think I’m in, albeit with mild interest in exploring other shoes. Just to see if this really was the best out there. I feel like a math teacher. It’s fine that this is your answer, I guess, but SHOW YOUR WORK.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]