This week went so quickly! I needed another day to get all my stuff done, I feel like. Maybe I just need a clone. While we consider the usefulness of clones, please enjoy the following:

– Per Smithsonian, Mr. Darcy’s Wet Shirt is Coming to the United States. FIELD TRIP!

– The BBC had an in-depth look at the only thing I’ve ever truly loved: the Breton-striped shirt.

I’m obsessed with this look at how people are still playing chess by mail, over at Atlas Obscura. (Don’t you feel like you’ve read a variety of books over the years where SOMEONE is playing chess by mail?) It is fascinating.

– Over at All Things Georgian, a look at the big hair of the 70s. The 1770s.

– I am very perplexed by the fact that Selma Blair is apparently dating David Foster now? (Lainey)

People brings us a look at every wedding gown on Downton Abbey.

– At Collectors Weekly, an interesting look indeed at the history of perfume.

– This week, Racked brings us this very interesting read about Isaac Mizrahi.

– Buzzfeed brings us 24 of Whitley Gilbert’s most iconic lines. I cannot tell you how much I loved Whitley Gilbert when I was a girl. VERY much. The outfits in these screengrabs are also AMAZING. WHAT IS DWAYNE WAYNE EVEN WEARING. (I love you, Dwayne.)

– Bless our friend Sally Holmes at Elle, who wore a whole post that’s just hot dudes in shorts. YOU UNDERSTAND ME, SALLY.

– At Pajiba:  Not Your Korean Sidekick: The Frustrating Career of John Cho. I personally want more John Cho in everything, always.

– This is an interesting interview at The New Potato with astrologer Susan Miller, although I…have notes on some of what she says.

– This is interesting but ultimately really sad and concerning: The Washington Post caught up with US figure-skater Debi Thomas, and things have not gone well for her. (I LOVED Debi Thomas. I was so nervous when she skated at the Olympics that I literally had to leave the room. I went upstairs and paced around my bedroom.)

– At Celebitchy: Helen Mirren is the best.

– You KNOW I love luggage. Girls of a Certain Age looks at the elusive stylish rolling bag.

–And here at GFY, in case you missed it, a selection of posts you might want to read:

Finally, a gentle reminder that the paperback of The Royal We will be released in about six weeks. Order it now, and it will just ARRIVE at your door!