This week’s Royals Round-Up is so PACKED, you guys. We’ve got new Wills & Kate! We’ve got GIANT hats! We’ve got turbans! We’ve got Maxima looking arguably the best she’s ever looked! We’ve got literal Queen Bees! Please join us.

If you missed it earlier this week:

– Wills and Kate released pictures of them and Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the slopes over the weekend. (There’s a LOT of discussion in the comments, there.)

– They also had several engagements yesterday; Kate’s dress is CUTE, and Wills looks hot wearing regular trousers for once.

– AND they were totally cute together today, as well. (We’re going to get another does of them on Monday, along with Harry’s reappearance.)

And, elsewhere:

– I thought this was really interesting, at the Daily Beast: Inside Will and Kate’s Privacy Obsession

– The Telegraph ran a pro-Wills op-ed, and all I know is that, regardless, he for sure hates everyone talking about him this much.

The Express had a piece on Royal Ski PhotoCalls In History. There are some SKI SUITS happening.

– The Duchess Kate blog has done two great posts predicting what Kate will wear on next month’s tour of India and Bhutan (to which I am personally looking very forward). Here’s a link to the most recent one. I also agree with the Fug Nationals who predicted earlier this week that she will probably wear Naeem Khan. Given my extreme love of Naeem Khan, I cannot wait for this to happen.

– Some text messages between Queen Letizia and, as The Telegraph terms him, “a businessman embroiled in a banking scandal” have recently leaked, and she’s in a bit of hot water. My question is, who got Letizia’s text messages, and how? That seems suspicious.

Harry is staying with a local family when he goes to Nepal. Um, he is totally welcome to stay with me the next time he visit Los Angeles. (People)

– You guys. Idris got his OBE this morning. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR HOTNESS:

– Harry’s prepping for his trip to Nepal:

– Look at this baby!