Versace is a funny brand — a bit of their stuff is straight-up glamorous, the majority of it is hideous beyond all comprehension, and some of it seems made for the Kids’ Choice Awards. And THANK GOD, Heidi got this invitation and reached for something in the third category.

This is a little nutty, and shiny, and tight, but it’s definitely got the right vibe. This is basically the one event in town where people can dress like they wish they were still 19. I am hesitating to embrace it just because I feel like on the right up there I can see the tiniest peek of undersideboob, which I personally believe is something you leave at home at a children’s awards show, and it’s a little boxy on her. But on balance, this could have been SO MUCH WORSE. The words “Heidi Klum” and “Versace” together usually send a chill up and down my spine and yet mine is pleasantly warm right now. Phew.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]