I couldn’t get a shot of her smiling where you could also see the dress, but here’s all I know: girlfriend looks WAY happier since she took up with Jason Segel. I can’t get over how cute I think the two of them are together. Sad, fragile Michelle Williams — so touched by tragedy when her true love dies suddenly, leaving their child fatherless! — finds new love with giant goofy Muppeteer Jason Segel, who takes Matilda out on her bike and makes Michelle laugh again. YOU GUYS, IT’S LIKE A ROM-COM.  I do love a good rom-com.


Okay, I actually like this too.  It’s like a happy flapper (happer? Flappy?) dress and sure the top looks like the tiled floor in my bathroom when I was a kid, but that was a happy flapper bathroom, so at least we’re all thematic.

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